Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Organizing for Mom

I'm sure my gift of cleaning came from my mother but I have no clue where I got my gift of organizing.  It.did.not.come.from.her.

 A few weeks back, she asked if I could clean and organize some of her closets while on my Spring Break. After several long days at her house, I finally finished up two closets and her kitchen cabinets. 

This first closet is a utility closet in her kitchen....somewhat of a catch-all for everything that didn't have a designated place.

We made a trip to the dollar store and purchased every red container they had.
(red is her fave color and the color of her kitchen)
After A LOT of purging, I grouped all like-items together in the plastic bins (tools, nails, plastic bags, cleaning supplies etc). This will make it easy to keep things organized and to find things when needed.

This next closet is her linen closet.....you can see how badly my services were needed.

My mom is blessed to have a ton of storage space in her home that often times her linen closet (and other closets) becomes just that...storage for random things and not utilized for its intended purpose.

Again, I purged a lot and got rid of all non-matching linens such as towels, wash cloths, sheets and comforters.
My mother was motivated to start fresh so she went out and bought all new towel sets.

As with the utility closet, I used storage containers/bins from the dollar store.

Total project cost: $113 and some change!!
(includes new linens & items purchased for the kitchen cabinets...to be continued.........)

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