Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2013 Monthly Organizing Challenge: Kitchen

I am joining the monthly challenge hosted by iheart organizing.  This month's challenge is tackling the kitchen...the heart of the home.  

I decided to start with my kitchen drawers....they were out.of.control.  So many utensils and tools and so little space.  

I started by taking everything out of the drawers.  I then grouped like items together and purged some things that I never used or hadn't used in awhile.  Once I had everything sorted and grouped, I ended up with a drawer for baking tools and a drawer for eating/cooking/serving tools. I used three small containers I bought awhile back at the Target $1 spot for all of my measuring spoons, cookie cutters and small misc. items.

Before placing everything in its specific drawer, I lined each drawer with a pretty drawer liner I found at the dollar tree....pretty and inexpensive, the best combination! 

I just love when things are organized and pretty!


  1. Because of this challenge our kitchen drawers look much better!

  2. I am going to have you and Tate come over and help me organzied while you are off for the summer.