Thursday, April 4, 2013

Linen Closet Remix

Our linen closet had been on my to-do list for quite sometime. When I first moved into the house, I bought a few cloth bins in very blah colors, whipped up some quick (and not so cute) labels on my label maker and I was on my way.  

This being the only linen closet in the house, the storage and organization just wasn't working for us and needed a face lift.  

A quick trip to the dollar store and some much needed is the linen  closet remix.

The before isn't "that" bad but like I said it was kind of blah and wasn't working.

I bought some aqua bins from the dollar store and these Martha Stewart Chalkboard Labels 

I grouped all "like" items and products get the picture.

I put our bath towels, wash cloths and hygiene products at eye level because those are the items we reach for the most.

I remembered I had these two glass jars with lids just lying around the house so I decided to put cotton balls and q-tips in them.

I was most excited to put all of my nail products and polishes in one place.  I do have another small basket of "in use" polishes in my bedroom but now I can swap them in and out as my polish and mood changes.

So that's it....the finished product of the linen closet remix.
Did anyone else take on the iheart organizing linen and loo challenge?

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